Wanna Patronize Me? Okay!

Illustration of a glass jar containing money in various denominations.
Actually, what I mean is, "Want to become my patron?" *G*  I've set up camp over at Patreon, and I'd love to have your support!

Patreon is an awesome crowdfunding site for artists and other creators which allows artists to gather a source of income from people who enjoy and want to encourage their work (i.e. patrons!).  This means that each patron doesn't have to give a lot for it to add up and help the artist out, and it means that artists can fund their work and make even more cool stuff, even faster. And, in addition to being an awesome person and helping an artist make a living in a world that consistently devalues art, you get awesome rewards, too!

Just for a start, with a $5/month subscription, you get ...
  • Access to Patreon-only feed-exclusive content and artwork.
  • The ability to vote on what fanart subjects I will do.
  • 10% discount on book art & commissions when I open them
And, at higher levels of support I offer things like book cover critiques and character design!

I plan on using my Patreon feed to discuss the how of my art, to post annotated images of works in progress, and hopefully some step-by-step tutorials for different kinds of work.  I want to discuss my symmetricals, and the way I've been doing them in Photoshop, and how they evolved. I eventually plan to give away free coloring pages, and maybe even coloring books, and there's a whole slew of projects I have just waiting for me to have the time to work on them.  I want to create an illustrated guide to worldbuilding for writers, and an expanded book cover design workbook, and ... So many things!

So, if any of this sounds like cool stuff to you and you find more artwork worthwhile, please consider becoming my patron!


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