Strategies for Arting

So, I went to bed extremely early last night, due to the sudden return of a sinus headache and because I didn't have any time to organize things before I went to sleep, I woke up feeling very overwhelmed. There were all these open browser tabs, and a couple books, and some half finished artwork, and so much stuff!

However, I have recently hit upon a strategy for that feeling. *nods* I call it the 'Winchester Strategy,' (yes, because of M*A*S*H). Paraphrasing Charles Winchester, "Do one thing, do it very well, and then move on to the next." So, I make a list and tackle everything one item at a time. The Winchester Strategy also dictates that I don't question the list. It's entirely possible that I forgot something important, but if it's important I'll remember it later. The important thing, I tell myself, is just to get working on something and eventually everything else will fall into place.

It works, too! I know because I have line art this morning, rather than having crazy hair and a raging case of anxiety. *nods*


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