Brain Filled with Coloring Book...

... Send caffeine.  *G*

So, I'm still working all out on my coloring book pages, especially since it takes up all of my brain, which is a totally good thing right now. We're still in Limbo, trying to get everything together so we can find an apartment of our own. It sucks, because it means we're be stuck in fucking Texarkana longer, but good in that we won't have to worry daily about physical violence. Although... Frankly, I'm not sure just getting out of this house will make me feel safe. After dealing with the cops here (who were terrible!) I don't know if I can feel safe in this fucking town.

Anyway, coloring pages, which are so much more fun to contemplate.  Here's a preview of the symmetrical I'm currently working on...

There's still a ton to do, since the final book with have 30 different designs.  I've finished two completely, started on three more, and I'll be finishing this one today, so it'll be the third completed design.  However, the three I've completed (and previewed!) will all be some of the simplest.  I've been drawing these by hand for ages, but doing them on the computer is really interesting.  It means I'm developing new techniques for them, and working on new ways of conceptualizing them.  I don't want to just copy the drawings I've done, but rather create new designs, but I can't do it the same old way. It's exciting and fun, and I so wish this was the only thing I had on my plate right now so that I could enjoy it all properly!


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