The Coloring Book Project

So, it occurred to me that... Well, I may not have really explained what I'm working on right now. I tend to do this sometimes, I tell a few people what I'm thinking and then act as if everyone knows. *rolls eyes at self* So, here's what I'm doing...

All these previews I've been posting are small snippets from larger designs that will appear in a coloring book I'm putting out entitled "Symmetricals: A Grown-Up Coloring Book." (Because it's the coloring book that's grown-up, of course. We color-ers haven't! *G*)  My plan, which is subject to change at this stage, is to have 30 unique designs, which fill up their pages, and then postcard sized versions that show off the designs themselves. Although, they can't be too small or they'll be impossible to color without a magnifying glass!

The images here are examples of what I'm talking about.  This is just one symmetrical, but it looks quite a bit different when you can see the full pattern.  The problem is that my symmetricals (by necessity) are square, but books are rectangular. Plus, they're detailed enough that I have to consider how small the shapes and lines will be if they don't fill the page. I'm hoping to strike a balance, where there are the larger images that let people get into and enjoy the details, and then the smaller ones that let them focus on the overall shape and effect of the pattern.  Am I over-thinking this? No, really, I would LOVE your opinions on this!

Anyway, each page will be one-sided, because marker bleed through sucks, right? So, I'm aiming for between 45 and 60 pages total, and to have it out in the next month or two. Certainly I'd like to have it out before the holidays. We'll see how that goes, though. I was doing a pattern a day when I was doing line work on my older designs (I've been drawing these for years), but now that I'm composing new ones, it takes longer. Some of the designs I've had for years--although sadly a whole slew of patterns were lost in Hurricane Katrina. I'm kicking myself for not scanning them all in when I had the chance because they're not something I can reproduce. But, luckily, I can draw more, so that's what I'm doing. *nods*

Thoughts? Comments? Raspberries? *G*


Jeremy Beard said…
Looks cool to me.

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