Endorsements From Clients and Cohorts

"To anyone searching for a memorable book cover:

Marion Sipe, cover artist, is a keeper.

Marion has designed the covers for seven of my books. Four are young adult, and three are well beyond that genre, into the realm of gay lit.

I am bowled over by her talents. First, Marion fashioned the young adult series to show the MC growing through the years, starting as a mischievous young girl, up to the time when she trembles on the brink of womanhood. Each cover is surpassingly beautiful, evocative, even mysterious.

And for the gay lit, a three-part series, she cleverly combined the characters’ attraction with important symbols in the novels, an overall retro “look,” and a strong font that unifies all the books.
In short, Marion was able to make all my books clearly stand out as “my” unique work, with covers that should garner many sales." - Erin O'Quinn

"Marion has amazing design skills, and she's the most reliable and responsive person I've ever
worked with -- a consummate professional!" - Becca Mills

"I love my cover!  It is absolutely gorgeous and includes elements that fit the story perfectly." - Annika James

"Marion has been great to worth with.  It's so nice that she takes her authors' input into account." - Heather Fraser Brainerd and David Fraser

"Marion's ethereal cover perfectly captures the essence of my story about imagination and human endeavor." - Wendy Laharnar

"The cover she created told the story in pictures almost as well as the one I told in words." - Christina Weigand

"Lara has attitude and a stubborn streak a mile wide.  You can see it all over her face." - Susan A. Royal

"It was a pleasure to have artist Marion Sipe work on my book covers, she proved to be a true professional." - Mary Raimes Curtis

"Marion is an inspired artist who works brilliantly under pressure.  Her covers have improved by book dramatically." - Mike Arsuaga

"Marion's cover is exquisite.  I find that I can't stop starting at it.  She made me a very happy author indeed!" - Julie Lynn Hayes

"The colors and images have garnered many compliments from fellow writers, authors and readers!" - S. Durham

"She listened to my ideas and followed through with her vision of what I awkwardly tried to convey." - Mary Raimes Curtis

"Marion's art inspires me so much I can't wait to see what her cover will be for my next book." - Viola Ryan

“Marion gave me exactly what I was looking for in a quick, efficient manner. I was very impressed!” – Michael Infinito

“Marion is a true listener when it comes to her Authors. She created a terrific representation of myRowan Elizabeth
book, Slick Fork, through detailed conversations with me. I would happily recommend Marion for Cover Art.” –

“Marion did a couple of my MuseItUp release covers and I really loved her work! She was easy to work with and her ideas were right on the money.” – Killarney Sheffield

“Marion did the cover art for my science fiction thriller novel Entity. She took into consideration my thoughts on what it should be and came up with the exact image I had visualized. She paid great attention to detail and was happy to do a number of adjustments that I suggested might improve the artwork. She is an exceptionally talented cover artist.” – Joanne Elder

“Marion was the cover artist for my book Revelations. She did an amazing job. She is a pleasure to work with, a very talented artist!” – Julie Hayes

“Marion is a wonderful artist. She managed to capture the essence of my novel in a magnificent cover. I knew she had read the story and really cared about it. The cover told the story before ever opening the book.” – Chris Weigand

“Marion is an excellent cover artist. She has done four covers, all of which I think are great, for my books at MuseItUp, as well as a number of very nice covers for some of the other authors. I very much want Marion to continue to do my covers in the future.” – Jim Hartley

“Marion is a wonderful cover artist. She personally designed my cover based on the first chapter of my novel that gives a vivid description of unicorns and their environment. She was very open to suggestions and easy to work with. I wish I could download it to show you.” – Suzanne de Montigny

“I've had the pleasure of working with Marion Sipe for the first time this spring, and hope I can again in the future. She showed a keen insight as to the kind of artwork that would best showcase my book, which tells me she did her research. This wasn't just some cookie cutter artwork. Marion went the extra mile to give me something I could appreciate and it shows.” – Susan Royal

“Marion was cover artist for my book, The Fireborn Chronicles: Revelations. She was professional, fast, creative, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services.” – Mary Andrews

“On extremely short notice Marion completed the cover of my latest book with commendable results. She listens to the author's preferences rather than attempt to insert herself into the cover design process, as so many other artists do. As far as I'm concerned she is a talented and conscientious cover artist and can do all of my covers.” – Mike Arsuaga

“Marion is not only an excellent and creative artist, she's also an original and provocative writer. I've worked with her on collaborative graphic art projects where she was an asset in a variety of ways: she is imaginative problem solver; she's very attentive to client requests; she is flexible and adaptive; and she is both responsive and fast - producing quality work on very short deadlines. I cannot recommend her highly enough” –Kate Page-Lippsmeyer

“I have worked with Marion on book cover design and she has both huge talent and in depth knowledge of graphic design and design programmes like Photoshop. Her covers are excellent and I highly recommend her services to any authors looking for a book cover artist.” – Chrystalla Thoma

“Marion is a talented artist. She's always been someone I can rely on. Be sure to check out her cover art.” – Cindy Borgne


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