Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back in Action (at least a little)

Hey all! I am slowly, but surely, returning to work. *nods* I've been taking it easy and slowly (not generally my specialty), but I am finally able to get this done again! Oh, Deity, but does that feel good! I'm going to be writing up some blog posts (some other ideas and thoughts have come up, so those will probably be interspersed with the other posts I've got on my plate) and I've just completed a new cover for MuseItUp. *points to the left* :-D

Also, the cover I did for Becca Mills' Nolander is up in the Bookplex Cover Art Contest!! Voting opened on Friday, if you want to stop by and VOTE! Because, if you vote, you can also enter to get FREE BOOKS! How awesome is that? I know, damn awesome. *nods*

I've also updated my cover art page here, and added links to the book pages for all the books that are out and up for sale! As far as writing goes, I've had precious little time for it. However, I have managed to get some revisions in on Sings the Distant Heart, and I get in a few hundred words here or there on other projects. Hopefully, there will be some quiet time soon and I'll be able to get something finished!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Argh, and other laments.

Hello all.

I've been away a while because I'm dealing with... a neck thing. The doctors said it was a pinched nerve (well, actually, they first said it was high blood pressure and admitted me to the hospital) and then they said it was herniated disk, and then they said that they had no idea what it was and I needed to go to a neurologist. An appointment for which I am still waiting. *eye roll* So, right now I am basically living a pain-avoidant existence and, unfortunately, sitting at the computer too much is one of the things that causes pain. So, I have to put my computer time to the best use I can and, right now, the blog isn't high up on the list, not when I still have to tend to school and work.

If emails or comments are slow to get replies, well that's why. That is also why I am not posting long, involved essays on a) siege engines, b) the relationship between political organizations and religious institutions in the development of secondary worlds, c) agriculture, and d) deserts. However, these are the topics I'll be focusing on when I get back!

Hopefully, I will be able to post *something* in the next while, but we'll see how it goes.