Spring Makeover Cover Art Winners!

Today we take another brief pause in our line up of interviews with awesome authors, so that I can announce the winners of the Spring Makeover Cover Art Contest (I really need to simplify these names! :-D ).

It turns out that only two of the entrants into the contest are able to actually go through with it.  Others were still under publishing contracts, and a few decided to withdraw for unknown reasons.  I'm kind of disappointed that I won't be able to dive into all of the covers, but I do have two entrants who will be getting a FREE redesign!

So the two covers that I'll be remaking are ... ( dramatic drum roll ) 

My Soul to Keep by Kimber Waits and Carolina Heat by Christi Barth!  I'll be revealing the redesigns, and the original covers, here on Dreamspring on May 1st.  So stay tuned!


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