Lauren Boyd - Cake and Icing.

Hello everyone!  Today on Dreamspring we have the lovely Lauren Boyd!  Give her a big welcome!

Marion: Welcome Lauren!  Tell us a bit about yourself!

I write romance that entertains and provides escape from daily life—and sometimes, you might just learn a thing or two.  Readers can connect me at Lauren at

Marion: What was the first book you read that really blew your mind, that you couldn’t stop thinking about after you’d finished?

The Client by John Grisham. It was actually the first novel I ever read, and from that point on, I was hooked on Grisham’s work. Among other things, I appreciate the surprise or twist that often occurs near the end of his books.

Marion: What one scene do you think you spent the most time editing in Baking Love?

That would be the wedding scene in Chapter Six. It was incredibly tedious to write and edit. In fact, I couldn’t tell you how many times I edited it because I finally lost count. I had to move the main character, Kate Sullivan, not only through a wedding scene, but also through several different emotions along the way. When I read the final product, though, I love it—which means it was worth the time and effort.

Marion: Have you ever tried to shake up your writing routine?  Writing at a different time? Writing in new places?

I like to sit in the rocking chair on my back porch and write. When it’s cold outside, I like to sit on the dryer while it’s running and write. It blocks out sounds from around my house so I can concentrate, and it keeps me warm. No wonder our clothes are always clean.

Marion: When you take a break from writing, what do you do?

Fold the laundry I just dried while writing.

Marion: What’s your best book-related memory?

Getting an email from Lea Schizas at MuseItUp Publishing, offering me a contract on Baking Love.

Three years ago, Kate Sullivan fell in love with her best friend, Eric Wagner. Before she could tell him, he abruptly ended their friendship. Now Eric has walked into Kate’s bakery and back into her life—but why? Is he here to confess his love for her?

No. He’s here to order his groom’s cake. He’s getting married…to another woman.

You can find Baking Love here!

Marion: Any parting words?

Thanks for this opportunity, Marion!  And, readers, what’s your favorite aspect of the cover Marion designed for Baking Love? Answer with a comment and be entered to win a copy of Baking Love when it releases on May 17!

Marion: And thanks for being here!  You’ve been a lovely guest!  And readers comment to win a free copy of Baking Love!


Lauren F. Boyd said…
Thanks for interviewing me, Marion! What an honor to be featured on the blog of my cover artist!

Thanks again!
There is a sense of romance, mystery and anticipation in the artwork of the cover, very intriguing and inviting. Love the colors, too!!!
Lauren F. Boyd said…
Hey, Cyndy! Great to see you here! I totally agree with your take on the cover! Good eye! :)
Marsha said…
Congrats on your book, Lauren. The book cover is super. I love the shots of red! It suggests the love and emotion that will be in the book.
Lauren F. Boyd said…
Hey, Marsha! Thanks for stopping by! I'm with you: I love the red! It's become the signature color of Baking Love thanks to Marion's cover!

Thanks again!

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