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Hello everyone!

Today, on April 1st, my guest is the lovely, and clearly quite well connected, Arlene Webb!

Hi, my name is Arlene Webb. I’m published with MuseitUp, Decadent Publishing and I have two, sci-fi adventure series out as inde.  I am absolutely thrilled to say that the second book in the Ron series has done the unimaginable. For ten months now, I’ve reached the top, the very top!!, of the Amazon Best Seller list. I’m filthy rich, and it’s all because readers are ranting about my cover for Blood Alert.

You want to know how I know this when Blood Alert may not have a buy link for a few more days yet?  It’s written in the stars. And yes, I have proof provided by a certain doctor who reassured me that I was brilliant for contracting with Ms Sipe as cover artist.

So, on this day, April 1, 2013, please applaud a fantastic artist and friend….

[Marion clears throat]

What? Oh, right, I can get on with the interview questions.

Marion: What was the first book you ever read that really blew your mind, that you couldn’t stop thinking about after you’d finished?

Arlene: The Old Testament. I was around ten years old. The portrayal of women, violence shocked me and yep, it’s been downhill between me and the church since.

Marion: I can understand that.  How do you start thinking about a book?  Is it the characters that first pop to mind, or the setting, or the plot?

Arlene: An idea comes out of hell, characters come to life, and then plot and setting follow.

Marion: Reasonable.  If you could invite five writers, living or dead, to dinner, who would they be?

Arlene: Barbara Elsborg, Chrystalla Thoma, Cate Masters, D L Jackson, Laurie Green.

Marion: Right, then.  Just... steal my dinner guests.  Ahem, anyway!  When was the last time you just had to write, and what inspired that feeling?

Arlene: Not sure. I hate writing first drafts. It’s the second or third I like, then I’m back to hatred by the zillionth polishes after that.

Marion:  So, you're much like other writers, then.  *nods*  When you’re writing, what game do you most often play during “breaks”?

Arlene:  Make a Flower Arrangement in Under Five Minutes. I write around slaving in a florist shop.

Marion: Sounds like a fun game!  You'll have to teach me that one, although I'm not sure about the florist shop part... What is your absolute favorite sentence from your book, Blood Alert?   

Arlene: “Make any sort of fuss and watch how fast I wrap this man’s bowels round its neck.” His grin widened. “I can knot a fabulous intestine necktie.”

Marion:  Um, I said one sentence.

Arlene: Oops…. "Cross streets zipped by, as Satan rammed through the intersections like he was late to an apocalypse."

Marion: What one scene do you think you spent the most time editing?

Arlene: For me, first chapter is always the hardest to make things clear as well as interesting.

Marion: Oh, I know what you mean.  I rewrite my first chapters so often I don't publish much.  What’s the one thing you wish you were good at, but just can’t seem to master?

Arlene: The English language.

Marion: Yeah, that's a tough one.  *nods*  Right with you there.  What project are you currently working on?

Arlene:  The last book to wrap up the problems Caron (star of Incoming Alert) caused when he outed his race to humans.

Marion: Oh, intriguing!  Name a book that, if you find out someone likes it, you know you will get along with that person.

Arlene: Calvin and Hobbes

Marion: Well, of course.  *nods*  Is there a writer whose style or talent you envy?

Arlene: Barbara Elsborg just amazes me how she can write a unique plot with one fresh scene after another.

Marion: How about a blurb for Blood Alert?

Arlene: Sure, here’s the latest:
Born with a strange addiction, Cham needs a pint or two of blood on a regular basis to maintain solid health. As if life isn’t miserable enough, most everyone around him, except for his sister Kylee, overlook him like he isn’t clearly there. If not for the rage and questions pushing at him, he’d wonder if he really exists.

Cham’s mother died giving birth to him, leaving him and four-year-old Kylee in the hands of an angry, uncaring father. From the moment his infant fingers clutched hers, Kylee has been determined to protect him from the visible and invisible monsters.
After fleeing an abusive home, their lives revolve around stealing what Cham needs to survive. When he confides detail about a man from their past no one but he could see, Kylee refuses to leave him or let him fade into insanity. All stays fine in their little world, until the cops arrest her for theft, and hallucinations do much worse than torment his memories—becoming so real, threatening him and his sister, he wishes he was simply cracking up.

Blood Alert is a science fiction adventure novel for an adult audience.  Contains violence and some profanity.  The timeline follows after Incoming Alert.  No vampires, weres, zombies, fey or previously known supernatural were used or otherwise harmed in the making of this novel.
Marion: Now that sounds like a winner!  Of course, we already know that.  *nods*  Thanks so much for dropping by Arlene!  I know, with the filthy rich develop, you don't have much time between all the shopping and all the giggling while you roll around in money.  Readers, you can all pick up a copy of Blood Alert here!  Or comment and maybe win a copy!
Thank you, so much, Marion for hosting me and making me rich and famous beyond my wildest dreams. I’d love it if your readers would follow me around the net.

Arlene on Goodreads
Blood Alert

Marion:  I'm sure they will!  If only to find out about your next bestseller!  Any parting words?
Arlene: Please comment on who your favorite cover artist is, or whatever you wish, including thoughts on the blurb. I’d love to know if it works. I’ll be giving away e-copies of either Incoming Alert or Blood Alert, so please include an email address.


Cate Masters said…
Aw, Arlene, you can come to dinner anytime. :)
I agree, that cover is such a grabber. Love it!
And I loved Blood Alert too! Can't wait to help you celebrate release day.
The interview was great, the book and the cover fantastic! And what are you cooking for me, Arlene? ;) (something without blood, I hope! *g*)
Arlene said…
Ha ha. Blood pudding. Thanks for commenting,guys. And thanks for hosting me, Marion. Just got a buy link on Amazon. I, sob, forgot the last paragraph of the blurb, the disclaimer and genre, but amazon is pretty fast with corrections.
Marion Sipe said…
Thanks for dropping by, guys! And Arlene, it's fabulous to have you! And, with Amazon, I always feel strangely pressured when filling out all that, as if I've got to get it done right away, so I hurry and miss things, too. But, yes! At least it's easily correctable! What's the buy it, link? I'll add it to the post!
Arlene said…
Thank you, Marion!
Wendy said…
You ask great questions Marion. Lovely to get to know you better Arlene. What a winning combination, Marion's eye catching cover and Arlene's intriguing blurb. I worry already for Cham and Kylee and that's a good thing! I wish you both the fame and riches you deserve. All the best
Marion Sipe said…
The blurb is fantastic, isn't it? I love how Arlene pulls you right into the characters!

Thanks so much Wendy!
Marion Sipe said…
Thank you! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, the comment somehow got marked as spam. *rolls eyes at Blogger*

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