Spring Makeover Cover Art Contest!

Hey all!

Today we have a brief pause in the lovely flow of interviews so that I can remind you that there is only today and tomorrow left to enter the Spring Makeover Cover Art Contest!  So, if you have a cover that doesn't do it for your book, a piece of art that just doesn't make you grin, or a truly terribly cover you're longing to get re-made, now is the time to send it to me!!  Entries close tomorrow, and then I'll decide which cover really need that makeover most.

You've worked hard on your book, put time and effort into getting the words just right, why settle for a cover that does nothing to speak to readers?  A cover should make readers excited to pick up your story, should reach out to them and connect to them on an emotional level, and without that readers stroll on by.  Check out my portfolio and see what I can do for you and your book!

So, take a minute to email me at marysipe AT gmail DOT com, before you're stuck with something you don't love!  *G*


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