My Writing Week

Well, while I've gotten quite a bit done, I still haven't finished Fated. I'm hoping to blow it out with one big push tonight, but it might take until this weekend. I still need to figure out a big plot point and until I do, I can't go much farther and they're pretty much stuck.

At least I got through the 3/4 moment. I guess it's just part of my process, but somewhere around three quarters of the way through a short story, I often find I have to stop and figure things out all over again. Sometimes I need to reconsider the characters and sometimes its the setting. One way or another that's usually the point at which I'll throw out an idea that's not working. I know I can get to the end of this one, I just have to figure out how!

What processes do you guys go through when writing?


Angela Ackerman said…
I think the hardest thing I have to deal with while drafting is that I get too many ideas to add to the story to tie the plot together. Some is great--it adds layers and draws it all together, but too much and it over complicates things.

You'll work through it I'm sure!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse
Marion Sipe said…
Oh, I know what you mean. It can be a pain to sort out which ideas will work in a given book and which ones you just have to cut.

I actually finished it! It felt so great to finally get that first draft done!

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