Fated is done!

Okay, so it's only a first draft, but I don't care! It's done! I've been working on it like mad in every spare moment and it's finally finished! There are a ton of things I put off so that I could get this story finished this week, and I have a lot to catch up on, but that's all for later. My story is done, and now it's time for dinner and some time with the Fiance, who have missed during my self-imposed exile to storyland.


Stephanie Jones said…
Congrats! It's a big achievement! *says the person who can't get a break to write lately* Enjoy your time off :)
Marion Sipe said…
It was great to finish it. I only have three more short stories to go before I get started on novel editing! And I definitely enjoyed the time off last night. I'm supposed to be taking the whole weekend, but look at me, back on the computer again. *shakes head*

I hope you get some good writing time in soon! Good luck!
Celebc├╣en said…
Cheers, Mary!
Doesn't it feel incredible when a first draft it's done? To me, even when I know there is still so much work to be done, having the first draft finished is like having a child born :-)
I'll have all the time to shape its personality later ;-)
Marion Sipe said…
It totally does feel fantastic! That first draft is such a rush, and though I love the editing process too, but there's nothing like nailing that first draft!

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