Good Writing Week

I did some good writing this week. I'm making progress on both Fated and Blood Home, and I'm hoping to have Fated done within the next week. Well, provided Enora and Aric can survive that long. It's not looking good for them. :D

Blood Home is going more slowly, but I hope to finish it this month. I want to finish at least four more short stories before I start the final edits on A Sign in Blood. That way I can send them out for submission and I'll have editing the novel to distract me. :D I'd like to finish Guidance too, but I don't know yet what the other story will be.

How about you guys? What projects are you working on? Do you work on more than one at once?


Celebc├╣en said…
Ehy Mary... I envy you! You look to be doing a lot of work!

I'm working hard on Ghost Trilogy and hoping to finish the first draft (which is an EXTREMELY ROUGH first draft) by the end of this month. I'm in the last part now. Not really at the end, but approaching it. And it's tricky, because some things are still evading me. But I'm confident I'll have them behaving ;-)

I had to stop writing nearly one week for different reasons. I was desperate to come back to it.
I'm still enjoying it a lot =)
Stephanie Jones said…
Yep, you are lucky. I haven't written something new in months - I have to study a lot :-S
All I get to do is some light editing.
But when the going's not tough, I usually write two projects at the same time - a first draft and a rewrite - the thing is, I now have 4 rewrites to do :p
Marion Sipe said…
@Sarah - I'm making good progress! I'm on track for finishing Fated, especially if I can get some good words in tomorrow. And I totally feel you. I think I've got a handle on how Fated will end, but there's a big blind spot I still need to work through. I need it to make the story work and I still have no idea how I'm going to pull it off!

It's good that you're wanting to come back, though. I hate it the most when I have the time to write, but have to force myself to sit still and do it. At least you've got the desire, even if life isn't allowing you the time! Here's hoping your story goes smoothly and the characters are in the mood to take direction! ;)

@Stephanie - It can suck when something else pulls you away from the creative time. I haven't been making much progress lately, because of other obligations.

I could steal an hour here or there, but it wasn't enough to really dig in. I've gotten things organized now, though, and it feels really good to be able to dig in.

Good luck! The studying will end eventually, and you'll get back to the fun side of your keyboard! :D

I try to have projects in different stages to work on, but I always seem to fall into doing one activity at a time. If I'm writing, I write on several different projects. If I'm editing, I edit several different ones. I don't think it's all that efficient--Frankly, it makes for too many half-finished stories lying around--but I can't seem to shake it.

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