Facebook and Thoughts on Writing Strategies

Yup, I'm on Facebook. I finally caved. Now I have this weird urge to go out and find things to "like." :D I'm still fooling around with the options, gadgets and things, so there may be some design turmoil around here (and over there) until I've finished futzing with everything. You can find my fan page here if you're so inclined.

I've gotten a little done on the writing, but not as much as I'd like. I'm diving back in tonight, so hopefully I'll have something completed soon. All week I've felt as if I'm forgetting something. You know that niggling sensation at the back of your mind? Well, I've got it. I just know that any day now I'm going to stop whatever it is I'm doing and think "Damn." Then I'll feel silly for forgetting something obvious.

I get that same feeling with a story sometimes. I know I'm overlooking some element, but if I knew what it was... Well, I wouldn't be overlooking it. At those times I like to sit down and write about a given scene, character or plot point. Chances are that if I write about it (rather than trying to write it) I'll figure out what's been bothering me. "Oh! That's not something I've introduced yet," or "Soandso couldn't possibly sit there so long without saying something!" So, when I get stuck, I pull out my trusty notebook (of the moment) and write about the scene/story/character.

Do you guys use this kind of tactic when you're stuck? What's your best solution for when you get stuck on the writing?


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