So Many of These...

are about how I slept the night before. This one's kind of about that, too. *shakes head at self* Or, actually, it's more about how I woke up, which was in the middle of a three ring cat circus. Cats everywhere and all of them bouncing and playing and meowing at each other. Since we lost Smudge and Peacock, there's only Meinu, Caramel, and Houdini, but they were playing like there were twelve of them! They broke their water bowl, bounced all over us, and then laughed at us when we grumbled. It was not a great wake up, but looking it back I realize it must have been totally adorable from the outside! Like an episode of Simon's Cat come to life.

Thus concludes your daily update on my sleeping habits and my cat's antics. I hope you enjoyed it.  *G*  Now to the line art...

I wanted to do something a little more complex, and I've been seeing a lot of birds lately in the parents-in-laws' yard, so I ... birdie! Some of the finer detail in the legs gets lost, but overall I think it came out alright. If it had been more than a morning line art thing, I would have done some deeper detailing and a little more background, but I can always go back and add that in later if I decide to. But right now I've got a billion other projects to work on. I'm doing some silly superheroes (Orangina and Apple Boy! They fight crime!  *G*) for my portfolio and some Wonder Woman fanart that will be full color rather than only line art.  So, it's not as if I need another project right now.

Which is, of course, why I've been itching to write lately. When else would that happen except when I'm trying to focus on illustraiton? *sigh* But, I may have a compromise for my brain. Instead of working on something new, I'm thinking about editing some of the half finished stories I have laying around oh.... just... everywhere.

We'll see how it goes.


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