Computer is working, art is accessible, and in celebration, I give you Mars or Bust!

I had so much fun with this girl.  I love that she's scratched out 'fragile' and she's got just a cardboard box and a couple of handfuls of balloons, but she's damn sure going to Mars!  She totally makes me smile!  I feel like her, right now.  New Orleans was bust for us, it just wasn't doable, and now we're starting over (with a stopover in Texarkana to save up some money to make it happen) and we've set our sights on Olympia, Washington.  We know cool people there, the weather sounds good (apart from the cold thing, Rene's already hording sweaters!), and it sounds like a really cool and creative place.  So, I'm all set on the Washington or bust bandwagon.  I just hope my goals prove a little more achievable than my girl's here! LOL!


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