Of Portfolios and Line Art

So, I've been setting up my portfolio on Behance (and I'm about halfway finished!) and I've run across a really neat thing some artists do there. Because the site resizes images down to about 600 px, a lot of larger works don't show as many details as are there, so a lot of artists also post close-ups of art so you can see those details. I think it provides some really interesting views of the artwork, and lets people see how much an artist really puts into their work. *nods* Sort of a neat little 'behind the scenes' kind of thing.

On to today's line art, which is called The Writer...

The Fiance looks at it and sees frustrations, but that's not what I was thinking. For me, it's a representation of the practice it takes to get good at writing (or anything else) and how a single page that really works is built on all the crumpled up pages that came before it. Often, writers (and artists) forget that it's the failures, the misspellings and the missteps, that show us how to do it right, and that's what this reminds me of. *nods*

(And yay! I got through a whole post without mentioning sleep! ... Crap.  Oh, well, maybe tomorrow.)


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