Of Cats and Line Art

While I wish this post was later than usual because I actually slept past 6:30 this morning, the cats are determined that that not be the case.  Additionally, a completely different cat (who is now happily purring on my CPU) decided to jump on my keyboard, changing my settings in Photoshop.  It took me over an hour to figure out everything she'd done and get it all set back to rights.  *eyes her*  But, jumpy cat feet cannot stop the line art!

I'm really enjoying this line art in the morning.  It's a nice warm up for the day, even if I don't immediately go into making other art. I feel as if I've accomplished something, and it lets my brain kick into gear slowly.  I especially like doing fanart because the characters are already designed and all I have do is get the sketch right and then lay down the line art.  It's a great way to kick off the day.  *nods*

I chose Dory and Marlin for today because I love Finding Nemo, but especially love Dory. After all, she knows the secret to life... Just keep swimming!


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