NaNo: Day Thirty

I'm done! Born of This Soil came in at a little under 130K. I already have some notes on what to do in the revisions (which will just have to wait for another day, because I'm done!) and I'm really happy with it. Maybe it's just the post NaNo euphoria, but I think it's one of the best first drafts I've written. Some of it's a blur, so it's a bit hard to tell. I know that it needs work, but I just don't care right now. :D

Congratulations to everyone who participated this year! Whether or not you made it to 50K (and there may still be some time left, depending where you are!) you wrote and that's just fantastic!

All right. I'm done abusing the exclamation point for now. Promise. ;)


Liberty said…
Whoop! You beat me...I hit 105k before I ran out of story. Okay, I could have gone on...and on...and on...but it felt better to just stop where I was before my invisible readers (and inner critic) got quite upset with me. :P

Good job fellow winner!
Mike said…
Congrats! As someone who struggled to crawl across the 50k line, I am in awe.
Marion Sipe said…
@Liberty - I was trying to keep this one under 100K, but I gave up. :D Still, I covered all my plot points, so I'm happy.

Congratulations on finishing your story! And good job!

@Mike - Thank you! And congratulations on making the 50K! The first year I did NaNo (a while back), just getting the 50K nearly killed me. But since then, I've gotten very used to writing every day. I really think it's all down to practice, that plus I took the month off. :D

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