NaNo: Day Seventeen

Well, we're more than halfway into November and I have backed up my work (several times). I hope y'all have backed yours up, too! Just imagine losing all those words to a random glitch. *shudder* I'm trying to get into the habit of backing things up every night. I lost 5,000 words of edited material earlier this year and I do not want that to happen again, even if some of it did come out better in the second edit.

Because I've already hit the 50k of the NaNo challenge, (71,783 and counting!) now I'm just working on resolving all the plot lines I've opened up. I hope (pray, beg) that I don't have to use more than 90k to do that. I tend to add to drafts more than I take away--although, I can already think of at least one scene that's coming out entirely during revisions--so I want to keep this first draft as compact as possible. We'll see how that goes! :D

In blog news, I've added a previously published short story, as well as an excerpt from another story, and a deleted scene from another. If you're interested, you can check them out here, or go through the Stories & Excerpts link listed in the sidebar.

And now I have to sleep. I've been sick all day and I'm about to fall over. But I leave you with some questions: How's your NaNo going? How much do you love your characters? Are you ahead, behind or right on track? Got backup?


Jean Davis said…
Hope you feel better soon.

I'm behind on my NaNo effort, but that seems to be the trend for me this year. I have a couple short stories that I've churned out that will end up on CC sometime in December. The rest I'm not overly excited about. We'll see how it all turns out. :)
Marion Sipe said…
Well, you never know when you'll get a spark of inspiration that will turn one of the blah stories into something great! I'm glad you've got some good ones out of it, too. How was it, doing short stories for NaNo? Is something you'd consider doing again?

I'm feeling better. I barely managed to finish my plot points yesterday, but I got enough sleep that I'm hoping for a better night tonight.

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