NaNo: Day One

Well, my first NaNo writing session is over and I've done a respectable 5,552 words. I want to build up a buffer in the first few days, but I'm also hoping to keep up this pace. I'm aiming for 75k, instead of 50k, which means I need at least 3,750 a day.

So far, I'm enjoying Born of This Soil. I had fun writing the first chapter and most of the second and I think they're interesting. I'm having fun with the characters and I hope they're coming across well.

So far I've written Beshauna's first POV and Jenra's and I've introduced Gregor and Serrace, as well as some minor characters. I've started a few plots and sub-plots and hinted at a few others, although they'll need further development before they come to the foreground.

All and all, it's time for me to go to bed. :D


luke said…
I've never done NaNo, but that's cool stuff, Mary. A lot of writing for one day. Good luck with it.
Marion Sipe said…
Thanks! I love NaNo. I did it once, years ago, and it was a great experience and I'm just now getting the time to go back to it. Plus, anything that fuels the writing, right? :D

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