Book Debut: Warrior's Psalm by Thomas Rowe Drinkard

Today we're celebrating the release of Warrior's Psalm by Thomas Rowe Drinkard!  Which you can find on Amazon!


Freya and Kalev are the newest members of an elite warrior clan, the Recondos.  They are a unique reconnaissance team, since they are true telepaths who can link their minds and communicate silently, over extended distances.

On their initiation recon, they see the enemies of their civilization for the first time: The Deciders and Protectors. They also witness a brutal execution ordered by the Deciders.

From that day, their courage and faith will be put to severe tests as they rely on their gifts and face a cruel enemy and the challenges that young women and men encounter as they begin to mature.


“Listen. They’re coming.”

Kalev shuts his eyes and diverts the power of all other senses to his ears.

He relaxes, counts to thirty, and then focuses again on hearing.

There. A brush of tall grass against britches; whisper of branches pushed aside into leaves of others. Slow, but closer.

“Four. I saw them cross a clearing. Not Hivers—armed.”
Kalev hears Freya’s voice in his mind as clearly as if she’s sitting on the tree limb beside him.  There is no sound and she, too, is in a tree, probably several hundred yards away. Closer to The Hive.

“Coming this way. I haven’t seen them yet. A game trail runs in their travel direction. They’ll probably use it,” Kalev.

They are using the trail. The sound of their boots on bare earth is louder than if they were walking on grass.
“Use the Shopper anyway, don’t take a chance that they’ll see you,” Freya.

In an inside pocket of his leather vest, Kalev finds a device the size of a thick fountain pen. He uncaps both ends and spreads a conical fan from each. He points the larger cone at a point on the game trail where someone, looking up in the trees, could see him. The smaller cone is aimed over his shoulder. If anyone on the ground looks up, the only visible sight will be a picture gathered by the device and projected. They’ll see the tree limbs and oak leaves behind him.

“They’re on the game trail, not looking up.  I’ve got the Shopper putting out a false sight anyway. What are they searching for?” Kalev.

Through summer oak leaves, thirty feet below and fifty feet away to the east, four men in green and tan mottled camouflage walk the trail, their tread—virtually noiseless. They’re armed with stubby automatic rifles and grenades hang from their belts. Protectors.
“Don’t know.  After they’re far away, let’s go closer to The Hive. Something’s happening there. Protectors don’t normally come to The Hive,” Freya.

Kalev focuses all sensory power into his ears, listening to the diminishing tread of the patrol.  When only silence touches him, he relaxes.

“Freya, send a locator.  I’m coming to you.”

Immediately a silent, but strong, pleasant song, like a solo violin begins.

“Like the sound?” Freya.


He slides, limb by limb, to the ground. His feet touching with no more sound than a falling leaf. Lithe as a whip and maturing, he moves with easy grace.

He turns, seeking the music. If he veers off course, the song fades. Never traveling on trails, he reaches the base of an immense beech when the song reaches a crescendo. The trunk is probably five or six feet thick. There are no low-hanging limbs.

How to climb?

“You don’t need to go up.  I’m here.”

Freya had moved behind the trunk when she sensed his approach.  She appears from behind the huge tree’s base, smiling, her head cocked to the right—a mannerism she’s shown Kalev since they were six.

Author Bio

Thomas Rowe Drinkard the University of North Alabama with a degree in English.  Upon graduation, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the  U.S. Army  Within two years he completed parachute school and was selected for the U.S. Army Special Forces (the Green Berets). He spent more than ten years with the fabled unit.

After active duty, he found his way into teaching and writing in the securities exam preparation business. Many of his articles and texts are currently in use.

Tom is now a full-time writer/part-time editor. He is the author of the novels; Piety and Murder, Where There Were No Innocents, Overload and Devil’s Blade as well as the novellas, V Trooper -First Mission and V Trooper-Second Mission, The Demon. He is also the author of a chapbook of Vietnam poetry, Finding the Way Home.

His newest work is a Science Fiction novella—the first in a planned trilogy—titled, Warrior’s Psalm.


And look what others are saying about Warrior's Psalm!

"A well crafted fantasy thriller." - Rich Weatherly


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