Book Debut: Haunting of Ingersull Penitentiary by Victoria Roder

The first of today's book debuts is Haunting of Ingersull Penitentiary by Victoria Roder!  You can check it out at the MuseItUp store, and remember that they're a month long sale going on over there!

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Converting the former federal prison Ingersull Penitentiary, into The Big House Inn swallowed Hailey Price’s inheritance from her murdered mother and deceased father’s estate. But, with any luck, the rumors of the federal complex being haunted will boost interest of the Inn. The abandoned Penitentiary, cursed by a witch, is in a constant battle of good verses evil, an eternal struggle for the souls that enter the complex.

The residual haunts are the least of the frightening occurrences at the Inn. An electrical storm traps the visitors with a possessed Ouija board and the spirit of a condemned witch with an ancient curse. The visitors spend a heart pounding night in the battle of good verses evil. It might be Heaven checking into The Big House Inn, but it’s Hell checking out.


 “Ooh—ooh. Ouch. Jason!”

Cassi woke to mild contractions. Out of natural instinct, she stretched toward the lamp. The power was still out.

“Dang it!” She grappled for the lantern. Jason’s side of the bed felt cool. Glancing at the bathroom, the door stood open, but no Jason. Donning her robe she slipped the room key into the pocket. “Where the hell did he go?”

Entering the corridor the sound of a steady stream of running water filled the hallway.

“What the hell?” Continuing toward the sound, she doubled over as a sharp labor pain stabbed her lower abdomen. After catching her breath she whispered, “I’ll kick his ass if he’s getting high somewhere.”

Cassi stopped, gasping as another pain rocked her. Rubbing her belly, the pain subsided and she continued her trek down the endless hallways. Taking slow, steady steps, she traveled corridor after corridor with the sound of running water always in the near distance. The faint cry of a newborn baby sounded. Her breath caught in her throat. Fear gripping her, she froze and held her breath. She heard it again, a baby’s cry, but this time closer.

No one brought children with them. Run!

The cry grew louder. Startled, Cassi jumped and took a shaky breath. Another labor pain wracked her body. Bent over with her hand supporting the weight of her womb, she crept toward the sound. Following the cries she arrived at the old hospital ward. Remembering the warning to stay out of the infirmary, she rubbed the goosebumps on her arms. Did the owner of The Big House Inn know something about the old penitentiary she wasn’t admitting? Fear begged her to retreat, but the infant’s cry forced her to continue.

Sniffing the air several times, certain she smelled fire she scanned the room. In the center of the abandoned hospital sat an ice chest that wasn’t present during the tour. Although the electricity was still out, one light directly above the cooler turned on.

“What the hell, how…” she murmured aloud.

With her stomach beginning to roll, Cassi tiptoed slowly toward the object. When the tips of her toes touched the cooler, she planted her feet flat on the floor. Tugging at the cover, she grunted and it flipped up and then crashed to the floor. Jars. She picked up one of the containers. “What is that? Oh my…”

Dropping the jar containing a fetus the glass shattered, the smell of formaldehyde stung her nasal passages as the unborn baby skidded across the floor in the scattering liquid. Cassi choked back vomit. Spinning toward the hospital doorway, a seamless, stainless steel medical tub that appeared from out of nowhere stood between her and the exit. Water flowed from thin air into the tub.

“Shit. Shit. Shit!” She spun in a circle scanning the room. “What the hell?” Her voice grew louder. “Where the hell did that come from?”

The urgent cries of the infant grew louder and the smell of fire smoldering burned her throat. Cassi moved as quickly as her full-term pregnancy would allow. Her heart beat wildly as her own baby kicked as if she would leap out of the womb. The cries of the other child pierced Cassi’s nerves. She reached the tub and gasped in horror at the sight of an infant. With the body of a baby, but the head of a Jerusalem cricket, the insect child floated on top of the water. The antenna protruding from the creature’s eyes moved about as if attempting to focus on her.

Cassi stood frozen. With a splash, the insect baby launched itself from the water. Its mandibles clamped onto her face. Both the pregnant teenager and the insect baby fell into the tank. The water turned red.

About the Author

Victoria Roder lives in Central Wisconsin with her husband and house full of pets. When she isn’t scribbling writing ideas on napkins and gum wrappers and takes time away from her computer, she enjoys riding motorcycle, camping and hiking with her dogs and shooting bow at targets. In the winter, she enjoys time with her puppies hiking with the help of snow-shoes.


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