A Slice of Life

Sorry I disappeared a little, I've been sick and out of it the last few days, but I'm getting all my ducks back in a row.  It's amazing how those little quackers will wonder if you're not paying attention.  They just waddle away!  Lately I've been working on some new premades.  I'm really enjoying the way my tablet allows me to include some of my original work into my covers.  Plus, it's just fun working with it!

I've got several story ideas that I'm really wanting to work on, but there's also a ton of stuff I need to finish.  *headdesk*  Honestly, I have so many half finished projects that it's ridiculous.  Three novel first drafts (One 150k, Two 50k), another half finished novel (20k), five novellas (with a total of 43k between them), and about 30k worth of short stories.  The mountain of projects seems a littler insurmountable, but I will get to the top.  I'll start with the two novels that are a series (which I've already started on, actually) and then when I get those done I'll start on the other first draft.  Then the novellas, one by one, with the short stories in between it all.  Now just wish me luck that the short stories don't turn into the novellas and the novellas don't turn into novels!  Argh!

But, it's fun to be doing the writing again, since for the longest I couldn't even carve out a moment.  School is going pretty well at the moment, though I have another math class coming up... Okay, maybe a slew of math classes coming up... Eep?  But I actually wound up enjoying the algebra, even if it did make me pull out my hair a bit.  At least there are no actual bald patches.  *G*


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