Organization and Using Word

I am a compulsive list maker. I don’t feel as if I can wrap my mind around a subject until I’ve made at least one list on it. And I say “at least one” meaning that it’s often more like two or three. It keeps me pretty organized. I have lists for research topics, lists for the things I want to know about each topic, etc. You know what makes all those lists easier?

Hyperlinks in Word!! I have just discovered the best use of these things, ever. You can link to your own documents! So, I can make a list on any topic (or of my other lists), and then pull up the individual .docs, .pdfs, etc., just by hitting control and clicking on them! How was I missing this? It’s wonderful!

I now have a master list of all my stories and I can just ctrl + click and bring up the file just like that! Got a paper I need to write using various research references? (Which I actually do…) Make a list with hyperlinks! Okay, so this is really geeky and probably a bit OCD, but … lists!

Okay, I’m going to go now… *hangs head* …Back to my lists! Hee.


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