Computer Meltdowns and Cover Art

Sorry I've been basically drive-by posting. My computer had a meltdown a couple of days ago and it took forever to get all my software reinstalled! That's a freakin' nightmare, let me tell you. Also, there's a new kitten in the household. He was rescued from the middle of the road and he was a holy terror for the first few nights. Would not stop yowling! He's fine now, after a bath and some food. Now, he's exploring and playing and sleeping on my hand while I try to work in photoshop. (He's just too cute to move.) But! I'm back up and running again, and hopefully I'll be getting around to comments, doing another worldbuilding post (sentient plants again! Then, I think more agriculture, and then back to the desert for culture building!). I've got a ton of projects all going at once (Note to self: send chapters to Chrys!!) and I'm bouncing between them all. Which is a lot of fun, but also pretty hectic! Oh, well. I work well under pressure.

This *points to cover* is my latest assignment from MuseItUp! It's Trixie's Hot Box, by R.L. Courtright, and I had such fun with it! I love working with light and shadows, and the neon was a blast to do. Other than the cover art, I'm working on some other pieces, all fantasy and science fiction, which are totally my favorites. Big surprise, right? :-D Two for my own books, and some others just because I wanted to. Always fun. Expect to see some of that soon, too! Plus, I totally have to redo the blog. My monitor has a different resolution now and my non-repeating background does not stretch. *glares at it* Stretch, damn you! Er, yeah. Perhaps a little too much caffeine? More than enough rambling, at any rate!


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