Of Word Counts and Guest Posts

I write by hand a lot, as well as typing. I also bounce from one project to another, adding a few hundred words here and then a few thousand there. It's not efficient, and sometimes I have to force myself to concentrate on a particular piece, but it's the way I write. It makes it hard to know how much I've written in a week, though, so once a week I type everything up and add up all the bits and pieces. Currently, in a normal week I write about 7,000-8,000 words, not all of which is fiction (the majority of it is nonfiction, at the moment). This week, I did 12,207! And about half of it was fiction! I love weeks like that. Granted, I haven't seen much sun, my back is beginning to ache, and my eyes want to fall out, but I has word count! :D

Also, this Friday, there'll be a guest post here. The lovely and talented Chrystalla Thoma will be dropping by! So, stop in to give her a warm welcome!

ETA: Oops! Make that this Monday for Chrystalla's guest post! It'll just be little old me on Friday! :D


Jean Davis said…
Wow, 12k is quite impressive for a weeks work. Go you!
Marion Sipe said…
Thank you! I'm happy with it, especially since about half of it was actually fiction! :D

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