Today I turn thirty! *bounce* Tonight the fiance's taking me out to my favorite restaurant and next weekend we're going caving. I love caves. They're such amazing environments and they appear fairly often in my stories.

I like writing caves because they're something of a foreign world. We're pretty much made to get around on the surface of things and once we go underground we're forced to adapt--much like going underwater. Still, they exist in our world; we're familiar with them and some of what we'd find there. I think they create a sense of the alien without needing reams of description.

Are there types of terrain and landforms you find popping up in your stories? What makes you keep writing that place or setting?


Celebc├╣en said…
Hey, Mary, happy birthday! =)

Well, like you, I’m fascinated by caves. They appear quite often in my fantasy stories, and I’ve notices one thing: what happens in there has always to do with something happening deep in the characters core. It’s a underground, dark place, and what happens in my story is often the characters looking inside them, or discovering something about them.
I do think there must be something Freudian about it :-/

Forests are also quite common in my story. They are a journey. The characters enter in it that they are one way, and come out of it that they are another. There is always a change when one of my characters goes into a forest.

You know, I hate when people try to psychoanalyse me through my stories (and it has happened to me more than once! Sgrunt!), but… well, I actually think there is matter for that ;-)

Botanist said…
Happy birthday! I hope you have a fabulous evening out and caving expedition.

I don't have a particular setting that keeps popping up, but I do realise that I gravitate towards settings that I enjoy visualising, like mountains, spaceships, and interesting buildings.
Marion Sipe said…
@Sarah - Thanks! I think caves are really primal. I definitely think they have a place in our subconscious. That's really interesting about forests! I'm going to be thinking more about the settings I use. :D

I totally hate that, too! But, yeah, I think we put a lot of ourselves into our writing, but it's all relative, you know?

@Botanist - Thanks! I had a great day. Hopefully I'll get some great pictures while caving. If I'm really lucky, I'll be able to illustrate my planned post on cave formations. :D

I like writing places I can visualize, too. But, often, I have to go back and fill in description because I forget that other people can't see it unless I show them. :D

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