Character Profile: Meet Rucient

He's from Born of This Soil. I'm world building the book to get ready for National Novel Writing Month and Rucient is one of a number of characters I'm working my way through.

His people evolved from rodents somewhat like the capybara. For centuries, their people have been travelers, moving across the world because they believe that knowing the world means knowing one's place in it. It's not uncommon for groups to settle down in a area, live there several years and then move on.

In the last war the Inscari people were separated into two groups and the northern group was taking a beating because they were trapped between warring nations. The southern tribe risked everything, mounting massive raids in order to draw attention away from the northern tribe, who then evacuated to the south along river routes. The incident was not without casualties, but three of the northern tribes survived to reach the safety of the southern mountains.

However, due to politic pressures, border disputes, and the tough spot that Rucient's tribe are in, they feel they've reached Journey's End and have chosen a final home. This isn't unusual, and sometimes smaller groups break away to continue the journey. For the most part, Rucient's people are adapting to an agrarian (sort of) lifestyle. The past hasn't let go of all his people, though. There are smaller tribes among them who feel that the wounds of the wars must be repaid. These tribes earn their livings largely from raiding other nearby cultures.

Concerned about their sibling tribes, the larger tribe has recruited their people's version of a monk to serve as the ambassadors/missionary to these smaller tribes. The larger tribe wants recognition, the respect given another countries, rather than the treatment of outcasts. It's their belief that this is the only way to prevent the same things from happening again. And it's vital that they accomplish this, especially with the rumbles between Roth'Andol and Pyrana (the two countries their mountains are between).

Rucient is one such monk, deployed to convince his assigned tribe that it's through peace that they'll gain safety. It's a tough job, but Lyllian is a bright spot. She's an unapologetic thief (although she never steals from her own people) and though she supports the raiding, she and Rucient have grown close. But can their relationship survive the coming struggles, and the distance that will soon separate them?


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