I just lost 5,000 words worth of story. Blip. Gone. I have a backup, but it doesn't have any of the edits I'd been slaving away on.



Jean Davis said…
Ack! I feel for you. The battery died on my laptop yesterday and for some reason didn't recover the paragraph that I'd written at the end of the scene I was working on and now I can't get it right. Though, losing 5k is far more tragic. :(
Anonymous said…
I HATE that! I haven't lost many pages lately, but I still remember the anger and frustration!
Marion Sipe said…
I'm going to buckle down and try to get it re-edited tomorrow. Of course, that means converting it from first person present to third person past all over again. *sighs*

@Jean - Good luck getting your paragraph working!

@Scott - I almost decided to put the story away after that, but I can't. I need to get it done and out of my brain!!

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