New Book Cover Art!

I have finally updated my portfolio of custom covers and my gallery of premades!

Also, I'm currently booked up to the end of May, so if you need to get your book ready for a given release date, it's best if you contact me ahead of time and we can get it on the books.  That way I'll know you're coming and I'll leave room for your project.  It's best if you can give me a couple of months lead time.  So, if you're looking to get a book out in April, now is the time to contact me!

I will be raising my prices on May 24th, however any new projects booked before then are booked at current prices.  And, after the price raise, clients with whom I've already worked get a 10% discount on their first new project!


Anonymous said…
Hey, Mary :-)
You sound all business-like ;-)

Oh, by the way, it's Satrah here. I'm just signing in with my new Wordpress ID :-)
Marion Sipe said…
Hey there!! LOL! I've been buried in schoolwork lately, so I haven't updated anything in MONTHS! Now I'm rushing to get it all done again. Argh!

How have you been?

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