New Publishing Services

So, you've written a masterpiece... Now what?

There’s a lot that goes into getting a book packaged and ready for the bookshelves. Trim sizes, bleed zones, jpgs and formatting, formatting, formatting! It can seem terribly daunting, even just to find the different people you need to get everything done and get your book out there to the readers, where it belongs.

If you’re ready to publish, but not so sure about diving into the rigmarole, Dreamspring Design is here to help! I'm now offering all the services you need to get your finished book to press, from formatting to interior book design to cover art and print layout. Why deal with different people, and communicate between them, when you can get everything in one place, from a book designer you trust?

Check out my publishing packages for a great deal! Or check out my individual services if you just need one or two things!


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