Illustrated Covers?

Nora and Eric from Wolfshadow
I've been working on a novel of mine (Wolfshadow) for the last few months.  I've had the first draft written for... Well, it feels like eons.  But I haven't had the time to dig in and finish it.  It's one of several first drafts that are just sitting on my hard driving, waiting for me to get around to them.  But I did my first read through, and now I'm letting it sit while I rework the outline and figure out how I want to proceed and one of the things I find myself really wanting to do is to draw the characters.

There are a number of practical reasons to do that, of course.  It helps me visualize them, and to work out all the details of their physical characteristics.  But it's also just a hell of a lot of fun!  There's something about seeing your characters come to life that way that makes the book feel more real, that makes the story breathe in a way it just didn't before.  And now I want to do portraits of all of them!  But I also kind of want to do a cast of characters image, like they might do with a TV show.  It also struck me that having these drawn images would be really helpful when it came time to do the book trailer.  I've been playing with animation for a while, but drawing and animating an entire project would be a first for me.  A really neat first, though!
Nora from Woflshadow

I'm almost considering drawing the cover, which I think would just be loads of fun, but... Well, it's an urban fantasy/paranormal romance, and I'm not sure.  On the one hand, if it were just a straightforward urban fantasy, I probably wouldn't hesitate, but with the paranormal romance aspects I don't know how a drawn cover would go over, or if the style I've been working in for these portraits is the right style for it.  What do you guys think?  Would you buy a paranormal romance with an illustrated cover?  What about one done in a similar style to the portraits shown here?



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