Book Debut: To the Bone by Erin O'Quinn

And guess what's just been released?  To the Bone!  The third in the Gaslight Mysteries Series! You can check it out at Amber Allure Press!

Back Cover

The time is 1923, and the place is a fantasy city in Ireland. Two unlikely men have formed a partnership: good-natured Michael, who keeps a serious secret, and sulky Simon, who has plenty of reasons to be angry at the world. Michael has stalked the standoffish Simon from the beginning, and Simon has consistently rebuffed him...yet not enough for Michael to give up a dedicated pursuit of the handsome investigator.

As private eyes, the men have a case to solve: to find more than a score of stolen paintings, and especially one small valuable work of art worth more than all the others. But the case grows more complex the deeper they look into it. Soon Michael and Simon find themselves searching not just for a thief, but for a city-wide ring of criminals. And the closer they get to the paintings, the closer they find themselves to a killer.

Into this mix steps a man named Moshe—a pesky, secretive, nosy man who is nevertheless a brilliant investigator himself. He gives both the men fits, burrowing like a tick into their very private affairs, so close they have a hard time evading him.

Can the investigators solve a series of crimes, take care of the interfering Moshe, and drive their own intense relationship all the way to the bone?


And!  Later this week, we'll have a guest post by the author.  She's going to drop by and talked to us about writing a series.  Until then, you can tied yourself over by devouring the other books in the series, too!

Heart to Hart: The Gaslight Mysteries 1
Sparing with Shadows: The Gaslight Mysteries 2


Erin OQuinn said…
Wow-ee, Marion,

Your blog is very, very attractive. And the cover is to drool over. Of course. I love it!

I have received dozens of raves over each of the covers you designed, all of them saying how they tell a story, draw a reader in.

So thank you again!

Morgann Peters said…
What a ~gorgeous~ blog! You are an artist among artists, with ~excellent~ tastes in literature! XD Your covers are ~beautiful~ - they add even more depths to the wonderful stories contained within!
Suzana Wylie said…
Love the blog! Your cover work is beautiful as well, and your blog design really sets it off nicely. I've appreciated your work on all of Erin's Gaslight Mysteries. Such a perfect look for them. I appreciate cover art that fits the story as well as yours does with these. Brava!
Erin OQuinn said…
Dear Mo and Suzana,

Thanks so much. The beauty, and the subtlety, still delight me whenever I look at the array of covers. Marion also did four other outstanding covers for me.
Marion Sipe said…
Thank you all! I had so much fun with this series, and I'm so happy to see all the books out and about! You did a fantastic job Erin, and I wish you loads of success!

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