April Interviews!

Throughout April I'll be interviewing authors right here, starting tomorrow with the fabulous Arlene Webb, who has some amazing (confirmed! *G*) predictions about her upcoming release Blood Alert!  The month will be filled with fantastic writers, many giving away free copies of their fantastic books to people who decide to fantastic comments!  Okay, so they don't have to be fantastic comments, but at least say thank you to our wonderful guests, and also keep an eye out for your favorite names!  You can check the schedule and get info on giveaways right over here!  I'll be updating if any information changes, so it's a great way to keep track of what's coming up!

So, the schedule for the first week looks like this:

April 1st - Arlene Webb
April 2nd - Bil and Bon Franks
April 3rd - Chrystalla Thoma 
April 5th - Wendy Laharnar
April 6th - Kat Holmes

Come on out and join us!


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