Preditors & Editors Poll is up!

And I'm apparently in the running for Best Artist and my covers are up in the Best Cover Art category! I'm in good company, too, and it's awesome to see so many artists getting recognized!

So, please, take a moment and stroll on over to the P&E poll to cast your votes!

You can find the artist page here.

And the cover art page here.

In addition, in the Science Fiction & Fantasy catagory, familiar and awesome nominees include: Kat Holmes, Mike Arsuaga, Larraine Wills, and Mary Andrews!! Congratulations!! I can personally attest to their awesomeness, since I've worked with all of them. *nods*

You can vote for the best of that category here!


Jean Davis said…
Votes have been cast. Good luck! :)
Marion Sipe said…
Thank you! I'm now actually tied for 3rd! I've been lucky to get some awesome books to make covers for, but it's kind of boggling since I've only been making covers since May.

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