Holiday Season Cover Art Giveaway - Winners!!!

All right, everybody, today's the day! Thanks for sticking with me through the giveaway. There were a lot of great entries and I wish I could do covers for you all!

The winners are ... *drum roll*

1st prize (a full promotional package (1 promotional poster design (24”x36”), 1 cover flat design, 1 bookmark (two-sided), and 1 web banner - $200 value) goes to Cameron McKeth!

2nd prize (1 eBook cover + print cover - $100 value) goes to Jane Monson!

3rd prize (a free print cover - $75 value) goes to Annette Gisby!

I'll be emailing the winners today to discuss their artwork. Most of all... Happy Holidays everyone!


Annette Gisby said…
Thank you, I'm just about to email you my details :)
Marion Sipe said…
Got 'em! It sounds like such a fun project!
Anonymous said…
I can't believe I won! I never win stuff! :-)

Jane Monson
Marion Sipe said…
*G* I'm glad you're excited! We'll come up with something fantastic!

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