Of Cover Art and Freelancing

You know, it occurred to me this morning that I probably hadn't mentioned that I'm working as a cover artist these days and y'all were likely wondering why I kept posting cover art to the blog. You probably figured it out anyway, but it's still annoying that my brain doesn't automatically upload itself to the net. Silly brain. Can't I get some kind of upgrade for that?

I'm working at MuseItUp, but I'm also taking on freelance clients. I'm looking to build up my client list and portfolio, so I'm only charging $75 a cover at the moment. If anyone's looking for a cover artist, I'm available. You can see my work... Er, right there *points to the right* or more of it here!

This cover, though, is for Mary Andrews' Fireborn Chronicles: Revelations--which you already know, because it's written right on the cover. Isn't that handy? *nods* I'm really happy with the way it came out, and I totally loved working with the colors and getting the feel of it down!


Celebcuen said…
Hey, is it that long that I don't stuck my nose in your blog? There so many new posts.

Anyway, I have to tell you that I really like your covers, especially this one :-)

I don't need any cover now, but if I'll ever coem to it (uhm...) I'll keep you in mind ;-)
Marion Sipe said…
I've been trying to be more active and... Apparently it's working! Thank you, sweetie! And I'd love to do work for you, when you need it!

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