Upcoming Posts and News

It's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry about that. Life came up and smacked me over the head and dragged me away. However, I'll be returning to a semi-regular posting schedule again now and slowly working through the comments the blog has received while I was away.

Upcoming posts include:

Authors and Research
Worldbuilding: Creating Geography: Desert
Agriculture Basics

And, depending on how quickly I can get my research finished and compiled:

Siege Weapons!

I ask you, who doesn't love a nice catapult? :-D

In other news, A Sign in Blood will be going free for a few days soon, so you can expect me to talk at least a bit about that, once I've got the details all worked out. And Getting Ahead's release date is drawing ever nearer! (I'm so excited! It's not even funny!) It's an urban fantasy novella with a touch of noir, a touch of police procedural, and a touch of LOL! With trolls! In evening wear! :-D

(Yes, I realize I'm abusing the exclamation point. I'll stop now.)


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