Favorite Kinds of Books

Reading a lot of short stories lately. I just don’t have the time for full-length books, and I’m really getting frustrated with it. Not that the short stories aren’t lovely, but sometimes you just crave something long and involved and filled with details. Something you can immerse yourself in and look up three hours later, blinking and wondering how the hell you zoned out for so long. I love books that can pull me in that way and I really, really miss them.

This is probably why I like fantasy series and big fat fantasy novels, because it’s so much fun to just get lost in a good book now and then. One of those books that pulls you in so deep you miss dinner, your favorite TV show, and a couple of phone calls.

Hmm… Maybe I should split the difference and find a nice novella to burrow into.

What’s your favorite absorbing book? The one you can never manage to put down without losing at least an hour?


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