Why Yes, I Am Still Alive...

Hello all! I know I've basically disappeared from the face of the internet, so I thought I'd take a few moments while I can to let you all know that I'm still alive! The move to New Orleans became complicated, as such things do. On the drive here we were stuck for three hours in a traffic jam caused by an overturned cucumber truck! It sounds like a joke, right? As my lovely and witty friend Leslie said, we were in quite a pickle. :-D

Anyway, we finally made it home (and it is SO GOOD to be home! I really cannot tell you how much I missed New Orleans!) and things were further complicated by the fact that the modem and internet service we signed up for in Austin (which we were GUARANTEED would work just the same in New Orleans) doesn't work at all here. *sigh* Then, we moved into our awesome new apartment (which we both totally love) and found out that the old building (which is part of why it's awesome) is only partially wired for cable and internet services. I know, right? So, we're looking into options and figuring things out when OUR HEATER BLOWS! *Looks skyward* Did I offend someone up there? I'm REALLY sorry. Can I have heat and internet now, please? It's actually pretty cold here.

Luckily, my aforementioned wonderful friend is letting me come over to her place and sponge her Wi-Fi. Awesome, right? So, I'm online for the moment and I think there are some places around the new apartment that offer wi-fi, so I'll be on more often in the future. It will still be spotty, but it's better than never hearing from me... Right? Right? Guys? You still love me, right? :-D

Well, one way or another, you'll be seeing me around more often! I'm going to try to get the next (and final! Er, for now.) Swords and Swordplay post up by Saturday, Wednesday at the latest, and then I've got a post on writing action scenes and one on creating magic systems. There are a few others brewing, but we'll have to wait to see which bubbles to the surface first, you know?


Marion Sipe said…
Thanks! Not being able to check the internet was HORRIBLE! I'm such an addict. :-D
Celebc├╣en said…
Eh... Internet is like that. You take a bite... and you're lost.

If this can console you, I've never heard anyone moving in a new home smoothly. Never, ever, ever. Ever.

Ah, and before I forget: I do still love you ;-)
Marion Sipe said…
Seriously! That's a very good point. Moves are really never smooth, are they? I've had much worse ones, too, so I can't be too upset over the few bumps there were. At least, I can't now that they're over! :-D

Right back at ya, darlin'! *hugs*
Jean Davis said…
Glad to hear you made it home. That's an adventure in itself. Good luck with your heater!

Uncertain internet access would make me twitchy beyond belief. At least you've got some alternatives popping up so hopefully things get better soon.
Marion Sipe said…
It was quite an adventure, and I'm glad it's finished. It's so good to be home again, and see all our friends. It's pretty amazing how little things have actually changed!

Twitchy is one word for it! I think the fiance has settled on "insane." ;-) Not being able to get on whenever I want is so frustrating! It should be fixed in the next couple of days, though! YAY!
Welcome back! I missed this post! :)

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