The State of My Drafts

Worldbuilding is lovely! I think I've worked past my snag (character related, but a little plotting has--I think--seen me through) and now if only the rest of my life would fall in line so easily!

NaNo is going to be a challenge this year, what with moving back to New Orleans within the first weeks, and possible editing on Getting Ahead as well. I can't spend as much time on worldbuilding as I'd like to because of packing, sorting, allergies (my cat cuddled my face and my eye swelled shut. I've had cats all my life and never been allergic.), and the fact that I'm putting out two short story collections for Halloween! Hee! I'm really excited about both projects, I love ghost stories and werewolf stories, and I have some previously pubbed, and unpubbed stories lying around. And when better to put them out, right? But, it means that I'm a bit pressed for time to ... well, breathe, for instance. Oh well, I work well under pressure!

Plus another short story of mine has sat up and demanded to be noticed. It's been languishing on my hard drive, needing only the ending scene to finish the first draft and now the MC has decided to complain. I think it's worse when the people *inside* your head won't shut up. *nods*

How's the writing going for y'all?


Krista said…
Wow. Weird. I just finished world building - hit a character related snag - and fixed it with a few plot details. Just goes to show -you we are never alone. Anyway I am ramping up to start my first draft in Nov. But it may be more like Dec. :)
Celebcuen said…
Looks like you won't be boring in Nov ;-)

Well, I'm trying to reach a point in my second novel (Ghost Trilogy) where I can stop for a month and not lose my track.
I'm not thinking to NaNo at all at the moment. I really need to do this first.

What? Only 10 days left? =(
Can't be!!!!!!!!!!!
Marion Sipe said…
@Krista - Neat! Maybe this is a more common occurrence than we know. Regardless, at least both our problems worked themselves out! Go us! :-D Good luck with your story!

@Sarah - Hee! Life is a lot of things, but I don't think I ever find it boring!

Good luck with the Ghost Trilogy! It's hard when you're writing something epic and need to take a break. I think that's probably a good tactic. Focus on the present project and let the rest fall into place. I'm just too obsessive to manage it. Go you!

10 days? *Panics* ;-)

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