Of Worldbuilding and Caffeine

I have been sucked into another world, hence my lack of postiness. :-D It's a fun world and I'm making lots of notes! I've drawn out my map and things are starting to come together. The characters are getting fleshed out--although they still need names!--and the world is taking shape, and I am loving it! Worldbuilding! *happy sigh*

The sword series is coming along, although a bit more slowly because I'm eyeball deep in my worldbuilding. The sword posts are now up to 3,000 words and there's *still more to cover*. I absolutely have to find a way to keep it simple and straightforward, but it's so hard to do that with swords. I don't know why, but it really is! I have another worldbuilding geography post I want to write up (fresh water) and if I can track down the post-it I wrote notes on there are other blog posts!

I've got research to do, and sketches of the architecture, clothing, creatures, etc. I still need to work on the birds and bird riders, and... and... and... *takes deep breath* Okay, I have a month to do all this. I should relax...

Yeah, like that's going to happen! :-D Worldbuilding! *bounces*

(What? Who's had too much caffeine?)


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