The short stories are going slower than I'd hoped, but I now have a very clear idea of how to finish Blood Home. I'm going to hit it hard (write, write, write!) and if I don't finish it tonight, I will tomorrow. I'm looking forward to throwing it to the wolves critters ;-).

Then I'll start on Fated, and hopefully that will go more smoothly. I realized while trying to finish Blood Home exactly how it needed to be rewritten. This happens to me in the middle of many of my short stories, actually. I have to stop and re-think what I'm doing and what I'm trying to say, you know? I think I did a lot of that for Fated already, so hopefully nothing new will pop out of the woodwork to bash me over the head. We'll see.

So many short stories, so little time!


Michael Offutt said…
Wow. You are incredibly productive. I can't push myself like that when I write.
Marion Sipe said…
I have spurts of productivity in between stretches of brainlessness. I figure I have to make the most of them, right? :-D
Jean Davis said…
Good luck with your shorts! I have a pile of those to work on too but I'm stuck in that brainless 'how to make them do what I want' phase yet. Go creative productivity, go!
Marion Sipe said…
Thanks! You too! Whenever I get stuck, I write about the story. I go through however much I've got, scene by scene, and write about what that scene is supposed to accomplish and what other scenes I need to make it work. Short stories are harder than novels. Working everything in is more difficult when you've only got so many words! I always end up revising a lot! :-D

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