Of Blogging and Books on Sale!

I'm so thrilled to have summer going out the door! Especially this year with all the heat and drought. I've always liked the transition seasons best, fall and spring. Fall being my favorite time of the year. Hopefully, we'll get some rain soon, in addition to things cooling down a bit. (Really, just a bit, but it's a start!) To celebrate my favorite season, and the fact that I'll be moving back to New Orleans in time to see the end of it there, I'm putting A Sign in Blood on sale at $2.99 from now until the end of November! Check it out here!

Unfortunately, this does mean at least some of my time during NaNo will be spent moving. It's totally worth it, but it's gonna be an interesting problem to work around. I'll manage. I'm hoping this years project will be shorter than last year's anyway. I managed 130k last year, but with the move I really just don't think that will be possible this time around, but I'd still like to manage a finished first draft.

Also, I'll be posting the first in a series of author interviews! Tomorrow we'll have Katy Amt Hanna here and we'll chat about her, her writing, and her book Breakdown, which is a post-apocalyptic story of a different stripe! Make sure to stop by and say hello! On Saturday, I'll be discussing clocks and telling time in fantasy worlds, which I'm having a lot of fun with at the moment. I've been researching it for an idea on the worldbuilding of my NaNo project (I know, I know, so early!) and it's inspired two other ideas that I think will be really fun, although one of them needs to be part of a larger story and isn't right for my NaNo project and the other is a story in itself. (Yeah, like I need another story bouncing around inside my skull!)


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