The State of Me

So it's been a while since I did a general update, and I thought I'd take a moment to give you all a look into my world... No, wait! Don't run! I swear I don't bite.


Okay, for you few who are left... ;-)

I'm spending the last of August catching up after my brain-deadness. It's amazing how much can pile up when you're not looking! I think it's going well, I've gotten some crits done, managed a few blog posts and am slowly catching up on my blog reading, too!

In September, I'm doing a short story blitz. I want to get as many finished before October as possible. So, there's no word count goal, just a list of stories that need work. They all need different amounts of work, of course, so I just want to finish the next stage of their own individual evolutions. I don't know how many finished stories I'll have by the end, but at least there will be progress. So, if all goes absolutely perfectly in September (it won't) by the end I'll have:

A second draft of Fated ready for crit.
A second draft of Sings the Distant Heart ready for crit.
A second draft of Glass and Steel ready for crit.
A completed first draft of The Dusty Dove.
A completed first draft of Blood Home.
A completed first draft of Guidance.
And a completed first draft of Impetus (working title).

So... Yeah, we'll see how that goes! I don't really expect to get all of that done, but I want to have a list of projects so that I can just dive in and start blitzing. I think I'm actually going to start with Blood Home, because I had this fantastic flash of the final scene when I was trying to go to sleep, complete with dialogue. You gotta love that!


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