A Sign in Blood: cover art and blurb!

I have finally finalized the cover art and blurb for my novel! I'm so excited! The artwork is by Jema Smith, Danny Robinson, and Ton Haex. The blurb is by me (obviously), but with the help of the lovely people at Critique Circle, who simply rock. *nods*

A Sign in Blood

While investigating her father's murder, Chadri never meant to get involved in politics. She arrives in Mesaceal with her mentor Nathias and a wild talent for blood magic, but soon finds it won't be enough to stop a brutal attack on her family home. After befriending a queen who is forced to fight to win her crown, and learning of rumors about the theft of a sleeping god, Chadri is caught up in a web of conflict spanning two nations. Trapped within the tightening threads, she must unravel the secrets surrounding her father's death, or die the same way he did.


Mysti said…
That's very cool! Looks like another for my TBR list! Congratz.
Tay Lee West said…

~Midevil from CC
Angela Ackerman said…
Wanted to stop by and wish you the best with this! Congrats!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse
Marion Sipe said…
Thank you all! I'm so excited and nervous, and excited and... Yeah, it's a cycle. :-D

@Mysti - I'd love to hear what you think when it comes out!

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