Looking for Blog Tour Hosts

I'm releasing my fantasy novel, A Sign in Blood, in July and I want to do a blog tour after the release. So, I'm looking for anyone interested in hosting me on their blog. We could do a guest post, or an author interview, and I'd like to do giveaways! I'm more than happy to reciprocate in August (or whenever you need me to, actually). I'd like to do the tour between July 5th and July 23rd, and either I can write up a guest post or you can send me some questions for an interview.

Topics for Guest Posts:
LGBT Characters
Characters of Color
Women in Fantasy
Culture Creation

I'd like to get everything set by July 1st, so if you're interested in hosting me, please let me know, either through a comment here or at my email: marysipe @ gmail.com. I don't care about the size of the blog, or anything like that. Let me know what topic you want me to talk about, if you have a preference, or if there's something in particular, let me know and we'll discuss it.


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