Six Sentence Sunday: A Sign in Blood

This week's Six Sentence Sunday clip also comes to your from A Sign in Blood.

She stood on a hill, sunlight pouring over skin the color of dark honey, but a light shone from within her as well. Her eyes fascinated him. They were the color of still water reflecting a raging storm. She turned, as if she'd seen him. Her lips lifted in a welcoming smile and she raised a hand to wave. Then the blood flowed.


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Anonymous said…
Susanna Fraser said…
Nice six, with evocative description.
Vivien Jackson said…
Uh oh, that last line is very foreboding!
Wonderful six. I love your imagery
Oh look, my favorite story! :-) *waves at Chadri* Lovely description.
Kary said…
You paint a striking picture. Great job.
Marie Dees said…
Wow, great imagery!
Agreed, the last line is great!
Whoa! "Then the blood flowed" was really a surprise. Great description.

Here's my six:
Cate Masters said…
Loved these descriptions. Great twist at the end.
Marion Sipe said…
Thank you everybody for the lovely comments!

I love these little snippets. They can show so much while still saying so little, which I find fascinating!
Lisa said…
Ooh, girl! Flowing blood? I'm intrigued!
This must be a dream or a vision. Very intriguing words!
J.A. Beard said…
Okay, that's a heck of a last line.
Verna Clay said…
The last line got me. What's going on?
Lindsay said…
Whoa. That last sentence was a surprise
Pippa Jay said…
Ooo, nice and creepy, love it! One thing that confuses me tho is how he can see her eyes as she doesn't turn to him until after you've described them? I'm assuming he must know her from before this snippet. If so, please ignore me! :)
Jean Davis said…
Wow, creepy last line!
Celebc├╣en said…
Ehy, Mary, I think I remember this! =)
Marion Sipe said…
Thank you everybody for the lovely comments! I'm glad the snippet's intriguing!

@Monica - Very perceptive! It is indeed a vision. Well, the first bits of one!

@Pippa - It's more that she turns her head to look at him than she turns toward him.

@Sarah - I hope so! I try to pick memorable moments for these snippets! :-D

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