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Yesterday I sat down and began making lists. I love lists. They're calm and soothing and they keep my head from exploding. There's just so much to consider and so much more to do. After getting out there and reading everything I could get my hands on. I still very much feel that there's a lot to learn.

And I'm going to drag you right along with me. A couple of people have asked me to blog about the process, and besides I hope that writing about it will actually help me wrap my head around it.

Because right now, there's always something new to learn or look into or research. I can't fit it all into place in my head yet, which makes it hard to write about.

So, as much as I want to whip out a blog post on how I'm totally on top of the subject... Well, I'm not. I'm learning, though, and I've found some resources to share! These are just a few, I'll be posting more later. Also, I highly recommend the blogs of both Katie Salidas and Victorine Lieske!


Katie Salidas - Self-Publishing - Basic Production Costs to Consider
Katie Salidas - Self-Publishing: Marketing - Don't Forget to Budget for This
Victorine Lieske - Professionalism
Victorine Lieske - Reasons Why You Should Not Self-Publish

Cover Art
The Non-Artists Guide to Creating an eBook Cover
Creative Commons

Formats and Distribution
Katie Salidas - Self-Publishing - Ebook Formatting Options
Katie Salidas - Self-Publishing - Deciding on Format, Printing, and Distribution

Marketing and Promotion
Victorine Lieske - Marketing Your Ebook
Book Reveiwers List

Kindle Boards
Nook Boards

I'll probably be adding more to this post over time!


Katie Salidas said…
Thank you so much for compiling this list of helpful blogs. And I am honored that you found my blogs to be helpful too!

Marion Sipe said…
Your blog has been tremendously helpful! There's just so much to understand, and I'm a planner, so it's really nice to have those kinds of resources out there!

Thank you!

Elizabeth Rogue said…
Thanks for all the resources! This is a great list.

And don't worry. I don't have my head wrapped around most things, least of all my blog ;)
Marion Sipe said…
If it wasn't for these resources, I'd be even less on top of things than I am! :D I'm glad they're helpful.

LOL! Thanks! :D

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